Marketing in 2020 for Small Business

Well in case you haven't heard, a global #pandemic has virtually stalled all small businesses around the world. This might seem like a great time to quit. I mean with the chaotic lockdowns, many businesses will have no choice but close up shop. But what if I told you that this is probably one of the most opportunistic times for small #businesses? You might think that sounds crazy, but keep reading.

So #Covid19 has virtually stalled your business? Sound true? Join the club. However it is in the most difficult of times that courage is exalted. The timing to launch a business and or grow your existing one could not be more ripe. So let's unpack this. How can you get your business ready for what the future beyond 2020 will look like. Well, two words: Go Digital. You may be reading this and think to yourself, "I own a small restaurant, or bakery. How do I go digital?" Keep reading friend.

The world has changed, and the strongest businesses, the one's that will survive the pandemic are the businesses that learn how to pivot. What does that mean exactly? Well let's take the local restaurant, or bakery. First thing's first - do you have an Online Store? If the answer is no, the head over to Shopify and sign up for their free trial. Even as a small bakery or restaurant, you can create a loyal following from all of your regulars, but starting an online store. And no, your online store does not need to sell only food. Did you know that you can create a wide array of products to sell (from phone cases, to mugs, to tumblers, to aprons) all with your logo on it, and never have to invest in any product? It's called #print #on #demand, and if you don't know about it, contact us to learn more.

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