Qualities of Good Web Design

Web Design is subjective. Each business tries to convey their brand's story/look/feel with their website. But there are some qualities that all good web design shares. Here we'll explore some of the key qualities of good web design.

Good web design looks good on any device; whether it's your desktop or mobile device or tablet. Your website should adjust accordingly to the screen size it is on. Ensuring that your website is mobile or table friendly is a key necessity of good website design.

Font usage should be consistent throughout the website. You can always use fonts to emphasize aspects of your site but overall your content/text size should be consistent throughout your website. Additionally your website should have your brands look and feel - color should also remain consistent throughout the site.

Call to action is always important; unless you are a blog, if you have a business website, you want who is looking at your site to do something. You want them to purchase something, do you want them to call you? Whatever action you want them to take your website should have a prominent call to action.

Search engine optimization (known as SEO) is very important to how your site will rank organically in Google search results. It's important that your website has implemented proper search engine optimization so that your website can start to rank. It's very important that you continue your SEO even after your website is live, through cost effective measures such as blogging. Blogging is one of the best methods of SEO you can do on your own, or outsource for relatively low cost. But it is a key important factor in the quality of your website.

These are just a few key factors that make a good website design. For a free review of your website, contact Brand Street Agency as we can help to offer you a free review of your website.

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