Small Business Website Designer

Brand Street Agency is proud to support small businesses with their branding strategies. We have been working as a small business website designer firm for over five years with great success. As a web design agency our goal is to achieve a professional brand position for the small businesses we work with so that they too can compete in a highly competitive market.

So what if you are just thinking of starting your business. We did you know that you can design a website for free? Wix is a wonderful online platform that allows you to start working on your business ideas and allows you to create a website for free.

Of course, most people who start their website realize that it can be complex, and they are not adept at designing a professional website. That is when Brand Street Agency can come in. We create professional website design that is affordable for small business. Our starting design package costs $599.00USD and includes a full website design, a logo for your business, and continued enhancements until you are satisfied with your business. Other costs associated with website design are domain names (you will require a domain name for your business) as well as hosting (which can be purchased through Wix). In fact, Brand Street Agency is recognized by WIX as a Wix Professional Partner. We have designed countless Wix sites for our clients with awesome reviews!

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