Wix Website Professional Design

Wix is an amazing platform for website design. As a Wix Certified Professional, Brand Street Agency has been working with small to medium sized businesses and brands to create and design functional website layouts and designs. Picking a design firm isn't easy which is why we have been offering our services as a pay what you can service for small businesses that need help visually but also, financially who may be struggling due to the global pandemic. We also own our own e-commerce website, which was designed, and conceptually developed by us, for us. IllusionPhotograph is a leading e-commerce brand that offers unique phone cases and wall art.

So why use a Wix Certified Agency we provide the tools and expertise needed to help ensure your business has the professional look/feel that you desire. We have trained faithfully in working with the Wix platform specifically but we have the ability to do much more than just build a website.

We can provide:

  • Business Consultation

  • eCommerce Development using Wix or Shopify

  • Logo/Brand development

  • Website re-design

  • Facebook Ads and marketing

  • Online eCommerce integration

  • and so much more.

Contact us today, we want to work with you!

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